Change Log

2.2.1 - Updated updater & database url, updated copyright, bug fixes
2.2 - New updated user interface, updated favorites, new database system - Displays firefox user agent,Uses instead of localhost, Updated copyright - Fixes "stream has been removed" error on select feeds, Adds software updater
2.1 - First open source release, updated interface, bug fixes - Fixed bug in favorites system, Streams list is cached
2.0.1 - Core intigrated into main app, Added favorites, other core changes
2.0 - Updated interface, Search, Various fixes
1.2.5 - Licence chang, Cleaned up some resources/code, Various other fixes
1.2.4 - New Background Process, Various bug fixes
1.2.3 - Intigrated XUL runtime, Various bug fixes
1.2.2 - Branding reset, Fixes connection bug, Database update screen now shows on taskbar
1.2.1 - Fixes tree node selection crash, Fixes url formats
1.2 - Updated interface & branding, New streams update method, Online help, Multi-Window, Gecko render engine,Auto resize,Update Notifier
1.1.1 - Major codebase cleanup
1.1 - Bug fixes
1.0 - Inital Release


Windows XP,Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2
Flash Player for Internet Explorer
Microsoft .NET Framework 4

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